• A dynamic booth for a dynamic launch
    Making Boon Edam’s Lifeline Product launch an incredible success

The Challenge

Our challenge for Boon Edam came with real responsibility. We had to create a dynamic, product focused booth for the official UK launch of three brand new Lifeline entry systems. Our design had to allow for simultaneous user demonstration, interactive product information and a digital marketing campaign…but most of all, it had to have the biggest possible impact in the hall!


Our Response

We configured the three Lifeline Products along a ‘live’ demonstration corridor that allowed visitors to experience each product exactly as they would when entering a building. This set-up not only encouraged visitors to stay longer, it enabled the sales team to effectively demonstrate the advantages of the barriers in the perfect ‘sales setting’.

Dedicated Product Promotion

Each Lifeline Product received its own dedicated display arch with high level signage, ensuring brilliant brand and product visibility across the all. We included multiple digital information points to allow visitors to independently access information and interact with the products in a very meaningful way. We even tensioned elegant graphic voiles across the arches to promote Boon Edam’s brand values and further enhance the visitor journey.

Two AV driven demonstration areas ensured that the product benefits could be effectively communicated to the wider audience at all times and to maximise the marketing potential of the plan, we cleverly incorporated all storage needs into the arches themselves.

The booth was a huge hit with the visitors and its superb performance led Boon Edam to select it for use at InfoSec 2015.

The Benefits

    1. Incredibly successful product launch platform
    2. Huge impact/focussed product promotion
    3. A totally realistic product experience
    4. Maximum visitor numbers, maximised sales opportunities
    5. Digitally-led information and marketing promotion