• Powering up IDX
    Re-launching the face of IDX at IBC Amsterdam

The Challenge


Back in 2011 IDX had occupied the same space at IBC for years. Our challenge was to completely revitalise visitor perceptions and re-launch the company and many of its key products at the show.


For 2015 IDX had a new more compact stand size and a very challenging budget …but we still gave them a huge ‘bang for their buck’ at IBC 2015.

This year we designed a very direct marketing campaign for the booth, focussing more attention on the IDX product benefits than ever before. We splashed clear messaging and giant visuals right across the space to ensure the offer could not be missed and with ‘Power To Create’ as the theme for the booth, we beautifully captured the concept with a pulsating light system.

To truly maximise the IDX offer we even managed to include a full height light box within the original budget…proof that with clever design and creative thinking, even the most modest booth can truly shine!



We want to congratulate IDX on 25 years in business and in 2014 we want to splash this statement across their booths, giving the sector leader a real platform to market from at showtime. For BVE 2013 we are using a clever reworking of the IBC 2013 booth, allowing us to keep prices really low, but critically retaining brand continuity and the quality IDX expect from us.

No decision has been made on the direction for our IDX booth at IBC 2014, but you can guarantee we will be keeping IDX where they belong…..ahead of the competition.



Our Response

We went back to the IDX core offer of unparalled quality, service and guaranteed power in the field as the basis for a booth to focus on product benefits, customer interaction and a look that screamed high quality and hi-technology from the market leader.

Powering IDX into the future

Our final concept was specifically created to give a more heightened sense of space, creating the illusion of a much larger booth size. We achieved this effect through a more open bridge design with enhanced architectural lighting. We positioned the products at the front of the booth to encourage sales staff and visitor interaction and created key product hubs to define product ranges. The final booth totally transformed visitor perceptions of the IDX brand, creating a real buzz around the booth and increasing visitor numbers significantly.

We continue to create show-stopping booths for IDX at IBC and BVE. We constantly push the boundaries of how their products can be displayed and the benefits they offer, ensuring that visitor perceptions are always challenged and competitor differentiation is always maximised.

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is the flagship exhibition and key launch event for IDX in Europe. Our desire to move away from our traditional booth designs of the past two years was understood by Evolve. They came up with a design concept which met the brief perfectly from the start - an open and inviting booth with clear branding divides and fantastic visual appeal. They even had the rare ability to make the finished article look like the glossy high impact visuals which were initially presented! It was the first time I had worked with Evolve but communication right from the start was excellent and very easy throughout. I found Evolve highly organised in setting our deadline structure and taking care of all the small details that can sometimes be missed! It’s very difficult to organise such an event without having complete trust in your design agency and I feel I achieved that with Evolve.

Marketing Manager
IDX Technology Europe Ltd

The Benefits

    1. Totally successful brand and product re-launch
    2. Heightened brand awareness in the market place
    3. Products successfully exposed to a new customer base
    4. Brand continuity since 2011
    5. A trusted booth design and build partner for IDX
    6. Reduced IDX management stress