• An incredible Technology Summit
    Taking the Liberty Global Technology Summit to a new level and transforming the Ziggo Dome.

The Challenge

In 2015 Liberty Global challenged Evolve to create an inspiring multi-facility event package that could be used annually for their premier Technology Summit held the day after IBC. Focussing on the need to transform the bland Ziggo Dome entrance into an awe inspiring event arena was a huge challenge…but we did it. ‘Welcome to the Liberty Global Technology Summit!’

2016 - 2015

Each year as part of Liberty Global’s IBC innovation drive, they present a cutting edge Technology Summit for over 1,500 partners and key clients at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and each year it’s our responsibility to make the event the talk of IBC!

Our Response

With the theme of ‘Connect & Play: Customer Driven Innovation’, we have developed a stunning 3,000sqm multi-facility display environment. Our concept is built around a ‘Connected Home Hub’, featuring a virtual living room, kitchen and bedroom, demonstrating over 30 products on beautiful light-reactive plinths.

We retained the domestic driven theme and provided a really creative café, through the design of a 1000sqm Astro Turf ‘Connected Garden’ and bar that links directly to the Home Hub - providing a natural promenade between product focus and breakout areas.

To provide all day catering for the mixed programme of events, our scheme features three catering services areas across the hall and a cleverly concealed main food and drink preparation area.

To drive the event further and give Liberty Global’s Platinum Partners the opportunity to promote their product ranges we developed four stunning stand-alone exhibition areas. Featuring 12 individual booths and a high-impact theatrical lighting system, ensuring that clients like Samsung, Arris, Nokia and Accenture will not be missed.

With just two days to build the event and six hours to pull it down, our pre-planning and project management has to be seamless every year, but continuously our brilliant on-site team always hit this incredibly tight timeline.

The event is always a massive success and through the hard work of both our client and the Evolve Team, for just one day a year we make The Ziggo Dome the dynamic centre for Connect & Play with more Customer Driven Innovation than ever before.

The Benefits

    1. Total space transformation from bland Ziggo Dome entrance, to inspirational event arena
    2. Exceptional brand & product promotion for both Liberty Global and the Platinum Partners
    3. High quality key event services: 12 individual booths, 1000sqm garden bar, multiple breakout area, 3 catering service points, 1 temporary kitchen, 1500 very happy delegates.
    4. An exceptional 3000sqm event built in just two days and pulled down in six hours Total end to end project control and on-site delivery in Amsterdam