• Lights, Cameras.... Action
    Theatre meets marketing in a unique product launch

The Challenge

Making an impression at the World’s biggest baby trade show is a difficult business, but that’s exactly what Mamas & Papas asked us to do as part of the launch for their new Mylo Push Chair.

Our Response

Instead of shouting louder than everybody else, we worked directly with the Mamas & Papas Exhibit Team to create a booth that merged the authentic M&P shopping experience with a unique and softer form to entice visitors on to the booth and more importantly to keep them there for longer.

Theatrical Directions

We came up with the break-through idea of silhouette puppet shows and so we used a theatrical lighting effect, to project high level images of the products and live display onto large graphical screens positioned on key site lines around the booth.

The final concept created a fantastic sense of excitement and visual intrigue and made the new Mylo Pushchair launch a real success.


The Benefits

    1. Seamless design integration with the M&P Design Team
    2. A unique product launch experience
    3. Increased launch visitor numbers
    4. Integrated booth and store concept