• Compact footprint…big brand change
    Creating a big profile for a bold brand change

The Challenge


MEI was our smallest booth at ICE 2013, but they challenged us to giving them a big visual attitude and total competitor differentiation.


For 2015 MEI became CPI (Crane Payment Solutions). Our challenge at ICE was to introduce the new brand, launch the new SCR range and retain the booth’s brilliant brand recognition within their incredibly compact floor space…and we did it!

We immediately decided to retain the vibrant colour scheme from 2013/14 that was so recognisable, but we knew we had to maximise every m2 of space. So we took the bold decision to build the booth under a radically oversized signage canopy that pushed both the space and the design to its limit, creating a visual punch that could not be ignored.

At the heart of the design was a highly compact multi-functional hub that acted as meeting room, reception area, static product display wall and store. This innovation allowed us to maximise the available floor space for the most important drive of the booth - sales figures.

Incredibly we established a 100m2 mixed meeting and marketing zone on a booth size of just 160m2. This commitment to customer engagement not only ensured that the new brand was clearly communicated, but that that customer engagement was maximised at all times.

The booth was a huge success for our client, with CPI Brand recognition on the up and more visitors than ever before. CPI now have the largest portfolio of payment systems in the Gaming Industry and we are proud to support their global exhibition requirements.


It’s great when a plan comes together and we can confidently say that our 2014 multi-functional roadshow booth for MEI has been a great success. The booth was designed to meet MEI’s needs at IMA and EuroShop in Dusseldorf and ICE here in the UK. It looks unique and gives great impact, but unlike most custom booths the components are totally reconfigurable. We simply reposition the parts for each show, allowing us to cut costs and simplify logistics, while retaining the MEI brand prominence in some of the most visually demanding shows on the circuit.


Our Response

We created a dynamic booth with a very strong architectural profile and signage scheme that shouted….look at me!

Big Attitude

Working with a compact space does not mean a booth should be lost in the exhibition hall. For MEI we drew attention to the sales and marketing zone by using dramatic oval product display pods; creating a profile that could not be ignored. Focusing heavily on the MEI brand colours, we used a wide range of lighting effects to add real drama and high level signage was used to give 360o brand promotion right across the hall. The booth was kept very open to increase the feel of space but we still managed to include a VIP area, reception hub, bar and meeting space. A truly compact booth with a big attitude.


Evolve – Making Life Simple

Working with Evolve continues to be a great experience. We started our partnership in 2012 and look forward to many more years of success. Not only does Evolve offer the best design, but they work within the boundaries of your brand image and budget. When working with Evolve, I can focus on all the other aspects of a tradeshow, because I have confidence that everything will get done in a way that positively influences our brand image. Our company’s tradeshow presence has drastically gone up, while my stress has gone down, which is why I will continue to work with Evolve and recommend their services to my colleagues.

Marketing Communications Representative

The Benefits

    1. A compact booth with huge visual impact
    2. Maximised brand promotion
    3. Maximised product visibility
    4. Increased visitor numbers
    5. Increased sales opportunities