• A scientific approach to booth design
    Perform at ICE 2016

The Challenge

Perform were looking to target a specific audience type at ICE Totally Gaming, so they challenged us to create a booth that would speak directly to their these visitors and encourage them to walk onto the booth and learn more.


Perform loved our 2016 ICE booth concept and for 2017 they asked us to build on the design, providing more meeting rooms, more hospitality and more targeted messaging. We responded with a sharper more direct concept that featured a high level promotional banner ensuring superb brand distance visibility. We backed this up with exceptional visitor facilities including a business lounge, 3 meeting rooms, 3 demonstration pods and hospitality seating for 12.

The booth punched well above its weight and attracted superb footfall…and best of all, we achieved this on the same footprint and to a lower budget than 2016!




Our Response

We developed a scientific journey route model which established the most important Perform messages that the stand needed to emit in order to attract visitors from 50, 25, 10, 0 and -1m. We started with visitors viewing the booth from the hall entrance points and rationalised the design, messaging and even imagery, according to the established viewing distances. But we didn’t stop there, beyond the specialist audience targeting elements the booth offered a huge range of business and marketing-led facilities. We included four digital demonstration pods positioned at the very front of the booth to maximise product visibility and sales opportunities and we backed this up with a bar and business lounge, plus two meeting rooms with capacity for twenty people.

Here’s the best news…The journey route model worked incredibly well. Perform experienced a very high footfall, but most importantly the right kind of targeted visitors were on the booth every day.

If you want to know more about a customised visitor journey model just get in touch.


Since the event we have had lots of feedback from staff and internal stakeholders on how successful it was from the stand look and feel to the amount of business leads it generated to our business. I would highly recommend Evolve for any event and would not hesitate to use them again for any future event we were organising. We would like to thank Evolve. Throughout whole stand conception and organising process they were as excited about seeing our event come together as we were. Right from the initial meeting to the stand building last details we found Evolve to be very organised, detailed and professional. Their proposed stand concept plan stood out from the other tenders due to the level of detail involved – including all stand plan and itemised line by line budget.

The Benefits

    1. Targeted, visitor specific booth design development
    2. More visitors from the targeted customer groups
    3. Live betting demonstration zones with a tiered POS signage systems
    4. Huge range of business facilities on a very compact stand footprint
    5. Total client delivery package including all aspects of the stand build, IT, cleaning and catering services