• Standing tall at EcoBuild 2014
    1 shared space...1 unique look for PTS

The Challenge

As part of the Travis Perkins Group, PTS are a stand-alone brand and although both parties share the booth space at Ecobuild, PTS challenged us to give them total product differentiation.

Our Response

We didn’t just give PTS product differentiation, we gave them their very own booth!

Standing tall at Ecobuild 2014

We responded by creating a unique PTS environment, seamlessly integrated into the Travis Perkins booth. Built below a stunning multi-brand envelope, the PTS booth featured its own canopy area, colour scheme, feature walls and reception zones, even its own carpet and lighting scheme.

The PTS space was independently planned, giving maximum emphasis to its product ranges and although clearly part of Travis Perkins, our PTS booth stood tall in its group and most importantly against the wider completion at Ecobuild 2014.

The Benefits

    1. Clearly defined brand hierarchies
    2. Total PTS Brand differentiation
    3. Independent PTS selling environment
    4. Maximised visitor flow
    5. Maximised selling opportunities