• Modular yet still unique
    Our bespoke modular booths just can’t be beaten

The Challenge


Jet-Care asked us to take their new brand, and create a bold exciting booth, to extend the brand’s visual language and re-launch the service offer to the audience at NBAA 2013.


In 2014 we made huge impact at 3 major global Aeronautical shows with our incredible Jet-Care Booth…proof that our modular designs really can’t be beaten.

Testament to the flexibility of our modular booth design, the original Jet-Care concept has hit the needs of multiple Aeronautical shows in the US and Europe. At show time its unique appearance stands out from the traditional US designs and yet it offers all of the advantages of a standard “system-led” approach.

It’s easy to see why Jet-Care loves our design:
  • Low cost – Our concept is totally reconfigurable, meeting the needs of many booth sizes. One booth for three shows!
  • Brand continuity – The concept provides a consistent brand look and feel at every venue
  • Reduced stress – Knowing the design always performs takes the pressure off the Jet-Care Management Team


Our Response

We developed a flexible multi-functional booth and put together a really economic show package for NBAA, Heli-Expo and EBACE.

Making the Jet-Care offer real

Jet-Care specialise in the laboratory analysis of fluid and debris for the aviation, industrial and marine sectors. Our booth focused on the incredible benefits of the Jet-Care offer, bringing the laboratory into the exhibition hall. Our concept positioned a live laboratory at the heart of the booth, with full 360o access visibility on all four sides. We kept the design clear from visual clutter to reflect the brands analytical emphasis and included a control reception area, meeting rooms and digital information points across the booth.


The Benefits

    1. High impact booth design
    2. Jet-Care brand successfully brought to life
    3. Incredible Jet-Care visitor experiences
    4. Product offer successfully re-launched at NBAA 2013
    5. Total brand continuity