• High performance matters
    From pop-ups to double-decks, we have taken Stordis further

The Challenge

Stordis asked Evolve to help them move on from being a pop-up display exhibitor, to a company with a real presence at shows like ISC and IBC.


Turning a difficult location to our total advantage

For 2016 Stordis had a larger space at IBC and the chance to promote their offer to three major aisles…the only problem was the new location's poor lighting level. We responded to this challenge by developing a booth that was built around lightbox feature walls. This design direction actually took advantage of the poor ambient lighting, giving the Stordis booth more visual ‘punch’ than any other booth in the same location. The design was completed with a centralised reception point, and ‘hot-spot’ marketing areas including a video wall, interactive display pods and mixed informal meeting areas.

Our dramatic 2016 IBC Stordis booth shone out across the hall and the superb visitor numbers are a testament to our team’s ability to turn even the most difficult hall location to an advantage.



Our Stordis Booth for IBC 2015 was all about maximising the product selling space for the client. We managed to develop the booth where 80% of the footprint was totally focussed on selling, with two live product demonstration zones, as well as a separate reception point to control visitor flow.
The booth was completed with three individual meeting areas and a bold graphical scheme giving Stordis the ultimate ROI.


Our Response

From day one we understood the Stordis need for flexibility, reduced cost and high impact. Our solution was to create a truly modular booth system capable of starting small, but with the capabilities to grow in-line with the Stordis business model.

The flexible model works

Over three years we have taken Stordis from low-tech small scale presentation to high impact double-deck designs; increasing visitor numbers by more than 50%. Our original system was bright, open and multi-functional, with a main focus on brand and product promotion. The component numbers were reduced to keep costs low, but the design and finishes were of very high quality ensuring the brand and product ranges were perceived at the highest level. The Stordis logo has always featured at the heart of the booths to maximise promotion. Today, the look and feel we created has become a recognisable accent for all of our Stordis booths, ensuring brand continuity, but our original model still works as we take Stordis into double-decks and bigger visitor experiences.


The Benefits

    1. Highly economic booth system
    2. Massive booth impact
    3. Sales and brand focused design
    4. Risk Control
    5. A trusted Partner