• Let’s meet at Eton Sports
    Creating a destination retail sporting experience

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a cutting edge sporting retail destination, specifically designed to encourage the targeted youth market to use the store as a lifestyle meeting point.

Our Response

We created a vibrant sports based shopping environment, combining the benefits of the latest sporting merchandise with a cool interactive leisure zone.

Creating a targeted retail destination

In order to target the youth market and create an independent destination beyond simply shopping, we knew we had to think bigger than simply focusing on great merchandising. So we built the store around a compact sports gaming zone with playstations, benches and free samples. The wider store was completely remodelled, using stadium and sports focused materials and huge supergraphics.

Our client was overwhelmed by the final design and Eton Sports has become the centre for sports retail in the region.


We were looking to really upgrade the store and create a far more lifestyle focused look and feel. We wanted our customers to see Eton Sports as a spot to meet as well as buy, and the concept that Evolve created has really exceeded my expectations. I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers…it’s great!

The Benefits

    1. Creation of a destination shopping experience
    2. Unique sports/gaming environment
    3. Focused target customer design solution
    4. Total competitor differentiation
    5. Increased customer numbers
    6. Increase customer sales