• Building on great foundations..!
    Following the huge success of our stateside shows for John Guest USA, we are now taking the concept right across Europe.

John Guest

Working in tandem with the John Guest Design Team we took a risk. We created a totally new vision for how the sector leaders should look and promote their products globally!

For John Guest the focus was all about improving customer awareness. So we deliberately designed the booth concept around a radial footprint, reflecting the strong circular identity of the products and building brand value into every aspect of the design.

The true benefits of the product range could only be experienced through live demonstration, so we put mini-workshops all over the booth.

The big news is it worked - more visitors, more hits and a true statement of intent in the market place.


The Benefits

    1. A unique booth with unbeatable show impact
    2. A booth to provide the ultimate showcase for the product range
    3. Live product performance
    4. Maximised visitor numbers
    5. Modular and totally reconfigurable, reduced show costs