• Hello NYX...!
    A perfect partnership at ICE


We know all about difficult sight lines and the challenges of booths positioned at the back of exhibition halls and we also know exactly how to deal with them. For NYX we deliberately built the booth around a beautiful wave form signage canopy suspended at the maximum permissible height in the hall.
The final concept focused visitor attention on 2 major launch product display pods and a gaming demonstration zone in a hot sales area at the front of the space. A superb business lounge featuring 4 meeting rooms and breakout seating for 20 was positioned on a first floor deck offering panoramic views of the show.

The Benefits

    1. A truly unique stand at a highly competitive show
    2. Great visitor numbers even from a difficult hall location
    3. Enhanced event marketing package delivering greater visitors
    4. Maximum product impact through the dedicated marketing zone and product pods
    5. Exceptional client service with show duration technical support