• The best stand at the show
    The leading environmental stand for the leading Ecological show...Travis Perkins at Ecobuild

Travis Perkins

With over 100 products to display and 6 different stakeholder brands, we knew the booth had to be very open, so we took a zonal approach to the concept, creating differing ‘micro-brand environments’ for each stakeholder and product range. The end result was a unique multifunctional booth with one of the lowest ecological footprints at the show.




Evolve did a great job for us at Ecobuild 2013. Our booth won highly commended in the Most Sustainable Competition and that’s where we want our brand to be at a show like that. The design was really eye catching and showcased our targeted product very strongly. Our visitor numbers were high and the Evolve Team were responsive and professional throughout. We have committed to Evolve for the future and I am looking forward to the results!

Marketing Manager

The Benefits

    1. 20% increase in visitor numbers and take out the 2013 in the client quotation.
    2. Clearly defined brand hierarchy at both signage and product levels
    3. Individual live demonstration areas for 100+ products; bringing them to life
    4. Unparalleled ability to attract visitors; a stand that could not be missed
    5. A stand with an incredibly low ecological footprint