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A springboard to the world stage…!

Finally it’s out of the bag, our new client for ICE Totally Gaming is Pocket Games Soft. They want a springboard to the world stage of mobile gaming and we have developed the booth to do it!

Pocket Games Soft is a world-class mobile games company that prides itself on the development of unprecedented, immersive gaming experiences and they have a big aim…to revolutionise mobile app gamification. So when Pocket Games Soft chose ICE to herald their inception, they wanted to work with the most experienced booth development company in the sector and we are delighted to announce they chose Evolve Creative Solutions.
Our design team has been working in secret on the design for months; developing one of the most outrageous and confident debuts ever seen at ICE. With no less than twenty metres of incredible video wall, mixed with live interactive audience giveaways, 3D holographic projections and immersive gaming zones, our booth has set a new standard for a newcomer at ICE.