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Another amazing year for Evolve at ICE 2016

2016 was another amazing year for Evolve at ICE. This year we welcomed two new clients and took Novomatic and Evolution Gaming to the ultimate, with over 400sqm of LED Screens.

We are the number 1 booth supplier for the Global Gaming Industry and at ICE 2016 we proved it once again. Congratulations to the entire team!

Novomatic – This year we confirmed our Novomatic Booth’s winning status at ICE with the inclusion of no less than six incredible LED video walls suspended high above the booth platform. With more than 400sqm of screens, a brand new 'cosmic' identity and guest appearances from a host of stars ensuring no one could ignore Novomatic.

Evolution Gaming – Our client loves the beautifully architectural booth that we created for them in 2015, but for 2016 they wanted to bring their games to life for a bigger audience. How did we do it? Simple…we converted the huge high impact voile to an LED Screen and linked it to the demo areas!
Now the entire hall could share the excitement of the live gaming experience.

NYX Gaming Group – We knew NYX were looking to really step up their presence at ICE 2016. So we responded by developing a booth built around a beautiful wave form suspended signage canopy. This form not only gave the booth a brilliant sense of drama but ensured it was visible from all sides. The design featured multiple gaming demonstration zones, bar, reception and a double-deck business lounge featuring three very high quality meeting rooms.

Perform Digital Sports & Media – Perform were looking to target a specific audience at ICE and so we devised the booth to appeal to those customers using a scientific journey route model that we specially developed. The end result was brilliant - more visitors than ever before and the business suite and demonstration points were maxed out every day.

If you want to know more about a customised visitor journey model just get in touch.