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Automotive to Industrial, a smarter technology booth for ST at Electronica 2018

Designed as a technology playground, our latest ST booth at Electronica was all about hands-on smart technology learning, living and racing!

For 2018, ST wanted to focus all attention on their automotive and industrial product ranges. We responded with a vision for a booth that split a live factory floor with an amazing race track experience zone. Our design team created a booth that intrigued and encouraged visitors to immerse themselves in the smart world of ST technology by making every product a true hands-on experience. The factory included live working control zones, Artificial Intelligence, even a smart forklift truck and for our automotive zone, nothing less than a real Roborace car would do.

As with all Evolve technology booths we punch well above the competition, using a mix of huge LED screens, superb space planning and brilliantly fitted out Hospitality and Business Areas.

Work has already begun on the new 2019 concept, so congratulations to the entire Evolve Team!