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Blurring the lines between the real and virtual world…!

Our amazing game experience booth for THQ Nordic at Gamescom blurred the lines between the real and virtual gaming world. It was an incredible spectacle!

With five individually staged gaming environments, featuring everything from authentic 17th Century horse carts, to medieval castles and the re-creation of a dystopian ocean world, our THQ Nordic booth took gamers on a journey to the very centre of their imaginations! The concept was closer to a dramatic stage set than an exhibition booth and with game play stations for more than 90, a massive number of gamers had the opportunity to enjoy the titles.

The business suite for THQ Nordic had to share the same values as the public booth but present a much more professionally brand focused look and feel. We built a beautifully appointed meeting centre with nine meeting rooms, boardrooms, bar, kitchen and even a Game Outlet retail store.