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Evolve at IBC 2013

Our team have just completed another successful IBC with three great booths and a nomination for best booth at show.

IBC has become one of the strongest shows for Evolve and this year we completed booths for EditShare, Stordis and IDX.


Our EditShare booth was the largest completed for the client to date and represents a new level of confidence for them in their sector. The focus has now shifted away from pure product display, with the use of staged events and live digital communication platforms. EditShare is now a market leader and our booth reflects that status.

Competing with more than 1,400 booths our EditShare booth was nominated for ‘Best booth in Show’.


For IDX we launched a bold new show-stopping booth, with a very strong marketing drive and direction to launch a range of new products and offers. We pushed the boundaries for battery product display to refresh customer perceptions and successfully integrated their partner company Dejero Live into the fantastic visitor experience.


Our Stordis booth was a great exercise in just how well our modular booth system works. Compact, economic and very fast to build, our Stordis booth ticked all the right boxes for the client, with a mix of big hitting signage, optimised product display and a VIP area all on a stand of just 30m2

NE_Edit_IBC_2013_01.jpg NE_IDX_IBC_2013_02.jpg NE_STO_IBC_2013_03.jpg