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ICE Totally Gaming 2014

Our Novomatic booth at ICE Totally Gaming 2014 was the sensational centrepiece of the show and our booths for Evolution Gaming and MEI stood head and shoulders above their competition.

Evolve leads the world’s most sensational gaming event

Evolve is quickly becoming the pre-eminent booth supplier for the Global Gaming Industry.
ICE is the biggest business event in the world of gaming and welcomes over 500 exhibitors. Our spectacular 500m2 Novomatic booth is recognised as the centrepiece of the show and the gaming industry itself.


Our 2014 Novomatic booth had to be sensational and this year we were challenged to create a new focus for the booth. So we created an incredible triple sided display pod and hung it right above the visitor’s heads. The visual results were amazing and so were the visitor numbers.

NE_NOV_2014_01.jpg NE_NOV_2014_03.jpg NE_NOV_2014_02.jpg

Evolution Gaming

For Evolution Gaming we built on our beautiful modular double deck produced for them at ICE 2013. But for 2014 we pushed things further, with bigger more expressive graphical voiles to increase visitor cut through, improved digital display areas and an enhanced VIP entertainment suite. The quality of the booth speaks for itself and so does the positive effect on Evolution Gaming’s customers.

NE_EVO_2014_02.jpg NE_EVO_2014_01.jpg NE_EVO_2014_04.jpg


Our booth for MEI at ICE 2014 stood clear from the competition with its high impact colour scheme, welcoming open plan design and clear product display. We support MEI right across Europe and this modular booth really proved its worth at ICE being one of the most eye catching in its sector.

NE_MEI_2014_01.jpg NE_MEI_2014_02.jpg NE_MEI_2014_03.jpg