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Our biggest IBC ever..!

With new booth concepts for all of our clients, IBC 2015 has been our strongest year ever at the event.

Editshare have a new Head of Marketing and a new more direct vision for what they want from their booth at IBC. Clear precise messaging, a visual connection with previous booths and a real sense of drama. Our response was to develop a theatrical lighting system to create a range of ever changing  moods across the booth, from cool and contemporary for the meeting areas, to hot and vibrant for information zones.

The final lighting effect was stunning and no visitor could ignore the booth.
IDX & Stordis
Our IDX & Stordis Booths were both all about maximising the product selling space for the client. We managed to develop both booths with 80% of the footprint focussed on selling, and we still found space to accommodate multiple meeting areas, reception points and stores.

The ultimate exercise in pushing ROI to the limits.