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Proving our worth at IBC

It’s our 6th year at IBC and our booths just keep getting better!

No one knows more about building booths for technology-led clients than Evolve. We are leaders in the electronics media sector and we’ve been giving our IBC clients the biggest booth impact at the show since 2009. This year we created an incredible arena style booth for EditShare, a totally new look for the IDX/ Dejero anniversary booth and a Stordis show to be proud of!
Our EditShare booth for IBC 2014 was designed in the round concept creating an intimate bar, business lounge and meeting area, flanked by unique full height live demonstration pods and suspended signage. The end result was a mix of business centre, retail space and dynamic product display zone. We think the photos speak for themselves.
IDX & Dejero
IDX are celebrating 25 years in business and Dejero’s offer is expanding quickly. So we responded with a booth that acted like a product display giant billboard. With 3.5m high illuminated light boxes and a hyper clean white look and feel, the product offer and booth quality could not be missed. 
Our Stordis booth had to be compact, economic and punch well above its weight…..we think the sheer number of visitors says it all!