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‘The best stand at the show,’ and a brilliant product launch. EcoBuild 2015

Our latest booth for Travis Perkins at EcoBuild 2015 was hailed as ‘The best stand at the show’ by its client, while our product launch booth for Boon Edam was a roaring success.

Travis Perkins

The Challenge
Our stand for Travis Perkins at EcoBuild 2015 had to establish a clear brand identity with no less than 17 sub-brands and demonstrate the benefits of more than 100 products, while still having a truly ecological footprint.

Our Response
Our response was to create a booth built around a superb 3600 master brand canopy, with a zonal approach for the sub-brands. This design ensured exceptional brand visibility both across the hall and on the booth itself. We then created a wide range of ‘micro-demonstration’ environments for each product range and it was this idea that proved such a hit with the diverse target audience at the show.

The environmental considerations of the stand were paramount, so we tapped into Travis Perkins’ own range of environmentally sourced building products for construction. We reused modular components from our previous year’s design and reduced the weight and component count to reduce delivery truck sizes. We even ensured anywaste was environmentally disposed of to radically reduce the stand’s green impact.

A leading environmental booth, for the leading ecological show.

Boon Edam

The Challenge
Our challenge for Boon Edam came with real responsibility. We had to create a dynamic, product focussed booth for the official UK launch of three brand new Lifeline Entry Systems. Our design had to allow for simultaneous user demonstration, interactive product information and a digital marketing campaign…but most of all, it had to have the biggest possible impact in the hall!

Our Response
We configured the three Lifeline Products along a ‘live’ demonstration corridor that acted as the ultimate introduction to both the Boon Edam brand and product ranges.
Each Lifeline Product received its own dedicated display arch with high level signage, and digital information points, creating a natural visitor flow and a superb demonstration / sales zone for the Boon Edam Marketing Team to use.

The booth made a huge hit at the show and the product launch was a total success, leading Boon Edam to select it for use at InfoSec 2015.