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The ultimate Liberty Global pop-up event…!

21 booths - 21 brands - 1,900 visitors and 1 incredible pop-up event

Our inspiration for the 2017 Liberty Global Technology Summit was Exciting Times meets Fluid Living. We expanded the event creating individual Platinum Booths for no less than 20 differing premium partners and with the Liberty Global Technology Home as the central hub, the event covered more than 2,500m2. The Connected Garden and bar catered for almost 2,000 guests and the feature event lighting system helped us turn a drab music venue entrance into a stunning technology driven arena.

Our client was delighted and said, “A word of thanks for all your hard work, patience and understanding throughout the Tech Summit 2017 preps. The event was a big success and the new back walls wrapped up beautifully, turning the Ziggo Dome foyer into an actual exhibition area...You are a super star!”