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Welcome to our incredible Liberty Global Technology Summit

We’ve just taken the Liberty Global Technology Summit to a new level and created an amazing Ziggo Dome event in just two days.

As part of Liberty Global’s innovation drive, they present a cutting-edge Technology Summit for over 1,500 partners and key clients at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam each year.

With the focus on Connect & Play, we developed a stunning 3,000sqm display environment for this major industry event. Our concept featured a virtual Connected Home demonstrating over 30 products, plus a 1000sqm Connected Garden and bar for the visitors to relax and network.

To drive the event further, we totally transformed the basic Ziggo Dome entrance by creating a stunningly illuminated exhibition environment featuring 11 Premium Partner Booths for clients like Samsung, Arris and Accenture.

The event was a massive success, so watch-out for the case study to learn more...