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Winning in the new world

From Scandinavia to Singapore, our reconfigurable Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) booth is a winner. Here’s a look at our concept for The World Lottery Summit in Singapore.

With the event focus on ‘Winning in the New World’ and a Grand Ball Room location at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the bar was set very high for our NLS Booth…but yet again the design proved its worth.

Our NLS booth is totally modular and for Singapore we took all of the main visitor engagement zones and flipped the design configuring it for a much smaller footprint. When most of NLS’s competitors looked to more reserved designs, we introduced huge video walls, colour candy light changing demo units and high-end business and hospitality facilities.

We achieved that big-booth feeling in a tiny space and lifted Novomatic’s offer well above the competition. A winning design for the new world!